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"Without passion, the finest ingredients and the best training will fall short of their mark"
Chef Jackie Alejo  

I began working in restaurants in 1978, & the chefs I constantly trailed with star-struck eyes, who taught me that using solid techniques, my passion and the finest ingredients were the best tools of the trade. I was taught how to truly taste the food I made & to pay attention to even the smallest of details. Most importantly, I learned that all of these ingredients is what makes even a simple meal truly great.

Since then, I climbed my way up to work with very talented & passionate chefs in some of the best kitchens in Houston, Tx. Years later, I felt so stifled as cooking in restaurants for the most part, as it just doesn't allow for the passion to flow out to each and every meal simply due to them being designed to feed the masses. My service is very client specific, unlike the restaurant industry and I also wanted to nurture people more ways than just through their stomachs, by giving them a quality of life they truly crave & deserve.

Though I had been urged by many friends, family members, colleagues, & mentors to open my own restaurant, it still wasn't what I really wanted to do. Instead of simply giving up, I began investigating many avenues of the culinary world, and learned about the personal chef industry. I was elated to learn about the personal chef industry because this way of cooking professionally could allow me to be passionate about food again by cooking & nurturing my clients one at a time, & not the masses. I am professionally trained by the American Personal and Private Chef Institute (APPCA), and have been an active & proud member since July 2000. In May 2007, I also joined the APPCA staff as a consultant for software designed for personal chefs to manage their businesses more effectively.

Being a native Houstonian, I knew right away where to buy the most top quality & freshest of ingredients! Some of my favorite shopping haunts are the Farmers Market at Imperial Sugarland, the Farmers Market at Grand Parkway, Sprout's Farmers Market, HEB, Central Market, Whole Foods, Pavlock Farms, Rice Epicurean Market, & the Farmer's Market on Grand Parkway--just to name a few. I'm proud to offer my clients a healthier & alternative way of truly nurturing themselves.

A personal chef service is not "just for the rich & famous" anymore. My clients come from many backgrounds: busy professionals, singles, senior citizens, new parents, & families with hectic lifestyles. Some of my clients are in need of special diets due to health concerns of diabetes, HBP, coronary disease, Celiac, Galactosemia, cancer, & clients with food allergies (such as wheat/gluten, yeast, etc.) I am really blessed that I can help these clients live easier & not be a prisoner to their health issues. The sad reality of today, is that not only are we more busy than ever, but we also have more health concerns than every before. Like the cliché "you are what you eat" a personal chef is just what's on the menu for a better lifestyle. My service provides a more simple answer to people who are busy, stressed out, in need of more quality time, but want to eat healthy, preservative-free food.

Top quality, preservative free foods being freshly prepared in the safety of your own home or delivered to your front door will not only give you more free time to enjoy your life but peace of mind in knowing that what you are eating is not only healthy for you but delicious! I prepare a variety of dishes: gourmet, ethnic, comfort foods, dietary specific & low fat, and most dishes can be modified for Vegans/Vegetarians. Besides my personal chef service, a variety of other services are offered, so please visit the services page to view the many services that are offered, & references are available upon request.

I look forward to bringing my skills and passion to you as your Personal Chef, and making your meals "truly great"!
Chef Jackie Alejo

COOKING FOR YOU! LLC has been providing a variety of exceptional culinary services for over 18 years in the great state of Texas in the following areas:

Atascocita, Champions, Clear Lake City, Conroe, Cypress, Dayton, Dickinson, Galleria, Greenspoint, Houston, Humble, League City, Katy, Kingwood, Meyerland, Memorial, Mid-Town, Missouri City, Pearland, River Oaks, Sharpstown, Spring, Sugarland, Texas City, Tomball, Uptown, Willis, Willowbrook, and the Woodlands.

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